Nine Hole Golf

Nine Hole Golf 1.0

Play a round of golf on your Android phone


  • Enjoyable gameplay
  • Realistic sound effects
  • Multiplayer mode


  • Very small menu items


As a regular player of Tiger Woods Golf on the PS3 I was a little reluctant to believe that 3D Nine Hole Golf was actually "the most realistic 3D simulation ever".

It isn't, of course, but it's not a bad effort as far as mobile simulations of the sport go. The graphics aren't amazing but you can make out what's going on OK, and the sound effects are pretty realistic. I also loved the little dance that the players do when they've scored a birdie or an eagle.

The thing that most irritated me about the gameplay was the fact that it was often very difficult to gauge where exactly where the hole is. I then realized that all you need to was use the 'Aim at hole' button and stop the power meter at maximum to get the ball near to the flag. Still, the addition of a zoom-to-flag option would've made this easier on holes where the wind is blowing a lot.

After a just few rounds of 3D Nine Hole Golf you should become quite proficient at it, as the gameplay becomes quite simple as you get used to it. If you fins things becoming too easy though you can always take on up to three of your pals in the game's multiplayer mode.

It may not have the graphical sharpness of its large screen rivals, but 3D Nine Hole Golf is still a whole lot of fun.

Nine Hole Golf


Nine Hole Golf 1.0

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